Current Obsessions: A Micro Manifesto in 13 Images

The Sexual Politics of Meat

Why I Write

1) All of my projects are book-length experiments.

2) All of my experiments are old-fashioned in the tradition of Emily Dickinson.

3) Like Emily Dickinson, I am invested in redefining what the intimate form of the lyric can hold within its tender confines.

4) In order to recuperate personal integrity from what Lauren Berlant calls “the self-consciousness of the combover subject.”

5) On a daily basis I strive (and fail) to be enough (feminist enough, radical enough, whole enough, angry enough).

6) I believe that in times like these it is necessary to talk about trees.

7) The answers are burning at both ends.

8) It is impossible to live in a world believing that the sublime splendor of sunrise is meaningless.

9) Sometimes the best way to show the truth is by allowing it to be seen hiding.

10) On a daily basis I am stripped down to an essential self that must find some recovery through art.

11) I believe in the power of the imagination that personalizes information.

12) What does the word promise/presume. When and how is that forfeited. These are questions crucial to this cultural moment.