Emily Carr is a poet & her redeeming qualities include:

a) is a math prodigy

b) has a cat named Dirt

c) was a Tri-Delt & a member of Marching Mizzou

d) is a lifelong vegetarian who was raised on a cattle ranch & makes perfect bacon

e) bats left, throws right

f) has a passion for unnecessary snow hiking & miniature cokes

g) may or may not be a true redhead

h) prefers food served in tiny dishes                       

i) believes loose change is a trace of angels in the world

j) doesn't believe in sunscreen

k) makes chicken salad with fungal protein & sweet pickles

l) talks like a valley girl from Missouri & might be Southern

m) is a love poet who writes divorce poems          

n) is considering getting a pet rat to scare away the suitors

o) commutes on a sherbert & turquoise beach cruiser  with white Christmas lights

p) has a foldup bike & a miniature trampoline 

q) has a divorce tattoo

r) writes murder mysteries that accidentally turn into poems                               

s) orders of the kids menu whenever possible        

t) loves Daphne du Maurier & Agatha Christie      

u) watches Invader Zim & Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

v) was followed home twice by a dog named Natalie  Portman

w) moved to L.A. for five days in 2012

x) learned to drive stick shift in Majorca

y) aspires to be a science fiction love poet

z) is using glitter to see into space more clearly

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Emily has supported her poetry habit by conducting extreme jumping classes, writing Chinese fortunes, tutoring physics, teaching music to Quaker children, baking vegan pastries, doing Tarot readings at micro-breweries, leading workshops in the sexual politics of meat and why we need science fiction, and directing the Low-Residency MFA at OSU-Cascades.

Her second book of poetry, 13 ways of happily: books 1 & 2, was the winner of the 2009 New Measures Poetry prize. whosoever has let a minotaur enter them or a sonnet—, a collection of fairy tales, is forthcoming from McSweeney’s in August 2015.

But what she’s really excited about is her five-year plan, which includes falling in love with a frozen landscape she doesn’t know how to call home, finishing a book of “political poems for my friends” titled We Never Meant To Go To Sea, running the Big Sur marathon like a lovely lithe wild thing like an antelope or gazelle & finishing in under four hours, & learning to read her work like her readers do. Just wait/        you’ll see/         that’s a promise.

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