Dr. Carr's Word Forage

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Fourth graders at Amity Creek are practicing learning flexible thought via Dr. Carr’s Word Forage. Join us March 31, 6-10 pm, at the Old Ironworks, for the World Debut of this collaborative, chance-based poetry board game. No experience is required and beginners are encouraged. I’ll be running two boards—an adult version, and a kid’s version designed for ages 7 and up and co-created by 4th grade students at Amity Creek!

What: Last Saturday

When: Saturday, March 31, 6-10 pm

Where: The Old Ironworks, 50 SE Scott Street

Games at Sparrow, running throughout the evening.

Poetry readings 7:05-7:15 and 8:05-8:15 at the Workhouse.

Game winners receive signed copies of Dr. Carr’s original work!